Our family ministry is a special ministry that works to equip parents to raise children in faith. It is our belief, as you have seen from the philosophy statement, that our youth need strong Christian adults in their lives to grow in faith.

Through our FAMILY MINISTRY we provide resources to nurture a growing faith these resources may including: gifts at baptism,  bulletin inserts for family devotions, Intergenerational Sunday School and actives, adult classes, information on how to talk about faith at home, and many more things.

TOGETHER IN FAITH CLASSES are classes (usually held Sunday mornings) where adults and children draw together in their Faith.

Together in Faith classes nurture a living, growing faith as parents and children attend these classes together and focus on some foundations of their faith or celebrate special Milestones in their faith journey. These classes are followed by the KIDZ participation in worship.

            School Year of 2018-2019

  • 3 year olds — Welcome to Sunday School — Sep 9 (Rec’v Bibles on Sep 16)
  • 3 year olds — Worship/Sanctuary Crawl — Nov 18
  • Pre-K/Kinder — Confession and Forgiveness — Feb 10 and 17
  • 1st/2nd Grade — The Ten Commandments — Sep 30 and Oct 7
  • 3rd Grade — The Bible — Sep 16 and 23 (Receive Bibles on Sep 23)
  • 4th Grade — The Apostle’s Creed — Jan 13 and 20
  • 5th Grade —  Communion  — Wednesday, Nov 14  (Partake in First Communion on Nov 18)
  • 6th Grade — What’s Grace? — Wednesdays Feb 20 and 27
  • Baptism Classes — Nov 5, Feb 4, May 6. Aug 5
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